Beach cleaner MANTA GOLD


Width: 1720 mm | Length: 1700 mm
Height: 1550 mm | Weight: Kg. 430

Not always dimensions make great a machine

Working depth from 0 to 15 cm for a working width of 160 cm.

Work capacity 15000 sm. /h

Machine to be connected to small sized tractors from 35 Hp to 70 Hp

Innovating system of load, made of 2 vertical sieves which, thanks to their alternate movement, minimize the vibrations of the machine itself

Wholly hot galvanised and painted

Adapt to operate also in beaches where big-sized waste is present and on the seashore.

Rear collector automatic, which unloads the waste at a height of cm. 180.

All our products comply with CE regulations

Since 1985
100% Made in Italy








Beachcleaner to be connected to tractors starting from 40 Hp. Manta has an INNOVATIVE loading system which consists of two vertical reciprocating sieves that allow to minimize the stress of the machine. This machine is equipped with a fix blade that collects sand and rubbles at the required depth and for a width of 160 cm. Sand and rubbles are convoyed in a sifter with a vertical movement, so that the rubbles are left in a collector basket meanwhile the sand falls down. It is supplied with two type of sieve, one with fine mesh and the other with larger mesh, easily interchangeable. Standard sizes are da 6 mm – 12 mm – 15 mm but on demand we produce also 20 mm – 25 mm sieves Different size of sieves allow to carry out different kinds of work: 6mm sieve, maximum cleaning but iniferior working capacity while with the largest size you obtain maximum working capacity/h but more superficial cleaning. ADVANTAGE: thanks to the difference of the sieves and to the studies made on the working system our beachcleaner can cover all moments of beach cleaning: from the initial rough cleaning up to the work of finishing. MANTA can be successfully used also on beaches where there are rubbles of big dimensions. The machine is completely hot galvanized and painted and produced according to the CE standards.